Matched Tooling Products for making Steel Rule Dies

The Matched Tooling Solution

Combine the Exact Board with its proprietary coating to our PowerPlate milled with EP Channel Bits, and you have a tooling set that will save you time and money. Channels milled with our EP Channel Bits are completed with smoothness and speed, maximizing the plate longevity for over two million impressions – and counting!

The easiest, most efficient Matched Tooling solution:
A milled steel thinplate used for matched tooling
A closeup of a milled steel thin plate used for matched tooling and steel rule die making and die cutting.


A patent pending metallurgical process allows for fast machining of channels in a hard long lasting plate face for millions of impressions.

EP Channel Bits

These bits have been designed for the specific application of milling channels into the PowerPlate. They offer milling speeds much faster than traditional bits and they can last for multiple plates. They come in many different sizes between .045” to .118” to allow for single passes for cutting channel widths.

Channel bits laying on top of a Rayform die board
Essential Products Channel Bits making milling channels in steel thin plates fast and simple.
A closeup of an Exact Dieboard
The Exact Birch Dieboard is made specifically for for matched tooling or with milled thin-plate applications.

Exact Board

Stability in a dieboard is essential if this is a tooling set that will be stored and run time and time again. Our Exact Board is made with a unique coating for this specific application and has been proven to be a perfect die base material to match to a milled steel plate.

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Matched Tooling Products for making Steel Rule Dies
The Matched Tooling Solution

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