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Rotary Boards, You Can Count On

Since its inception, Essential Products has strived to provide the best quality boards at fast turnaround times. Today, with the inventory and logistics challenges facing companies worldwide, our team has doubled down on that mission, working harder than ever to provide our customers with the products they need when they need them.  

Essential Products warehouse full of rotary boards
Our Apaulo Maple and Beech Rotary Die Boards offer an unsurpassed performance for consistent quality.

Premium Quality

With less than a 1% reject rate, our Apaulo rotary boards offer an unsurpassed record of performance in our industry for consistent quality. Apaulo has set the standard in dimensional stability for ID size, thickness, parallelism, and straight edges – even on our 120” boards.

Each rotary board is manufactured on proprietary equipment for die board products ensuring straight edge cuts and dimensional stability. And each veneer is hand-selected, assuring only the best are used for all plies.

Essential Products Warehouse
Essential Products has seven warehouses throughout the US to allow for quick order turnarounds and low freight costs.

Accelerated Availability

Essential Products has seven nationally convenient warehouse locations that allow for quick order turnarounds and low freight costs.

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