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Why More and More Musical Instrument Manufacturers Choose Die Boards

For centuries wood has been used for musical instruments offering amazing acoustical properties. Recently, the industry has looked to wood to manufacture speakers, and for good reason.

The cellular structure of high-quality wood provides beautiful resonance to the sound produced by the instrument. However, if there are voids within the board that resonance cannot move through the wood properly causing the sound to fall flat lacking the rich acoustical experience. Even worse, larger voids typically lead to loose material which can cause buzzing.

Some key producers of organs, guitars, and speakers searched for the proper boards with the best consistency and with as few voids as possible. In their search, they found quality Maple and Birch boards made for steel rule dies fit their needs perfectly. When making plywood it is almost impossible to manufacture without any voids. That is because of the inconsistency with different tree branches, weather anomalies, and different minerals in the soil. With all those variables and more, variances in the veneers will be prevalent. When these veneers are pressed together some of the internal plies can crack which can lead to a void.

We recognize the importance of using high-quality boards. That is why our mills have the ability to separate the best-conditioned veneers to manufacture superior Birch and Maple die boards suited for diemaking and musical instruments.

Next time you strum your guitar, sit down at your piano or crank your speakers, realize you may be playing an instrument made with die boards.

Interested in learning more about our products? Check out our Flat and Rotary Board product line.

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